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Beauty of Restored Pine Floorboards

There is nothing comparable to restored aged pine flooring.

Gap Filling Floorboards

Floorboards, unlike contemporary wooden planks does not offer any fitting method that helps them sit solidly together. With the time, the aging pine shrinks and leaves gaps between the floor boards. This slight imperfection of the original victorian pine floorboards is easily resolved with our gap filling service.

Gaps with size of up to 5 mm are filled with a mixture of sawdust-and-resin. Sawdust collected from sanding the floors is mixed with clear resin, Specifically produced for this service. The end result is quick drying putty, which applied throughout the floors, will provide your wanted gap filling solution.

The other gap fill solution is what we call our total gap fill, This involves filling the gaps with pine slithers, Which are glued and placed in the gaps and unlike the "dust and resin" method will not slip thru the gaps over time.


Staining floor boards can also be considered, And it will increase your view over the interior ideas - dark shades, medium or why not a white wash or grey finished floor boards. As pine can vary in colour like no other wood, We always recommend staining samples to be provided on your own floors. And be assured, with our service you have an extensive range of colours to play with - learn more about our wood floor staining services.

Wider gaps, If the layout of the boards allows, moving the boards closer will resolve the issue permanently without the need of gap filling but this can work out costly and time consuming.

Gap filling flooring boards is often considered as a measure for draft and thermal insulation, especially for ground floors. It should not however be treated as a sound-proofing solution.

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